ReJoy Mounting Platform for Expandable Joystick Controls

Accessing an armrest mounted input device often requires the user to compromise their posture to drive a powerchair, which may result in permanent upper body deformations for active users. The ReJoy mounting platform and lateral adjustable lower arm/hand gel support pads offers superior positioning of the input device which leads to increased function of the controls. The ReJoy actually works in conjunction with the seating system to maintain body position at midline, thereby maximizing client comfort while reducing fatigue.

Product Features

  • Center Mount Almost Any Armrest-Mounted Joystick
  • Reduces Fatigue, Pain and Discomfort from Accessing Armrest Mounted Controls
  • Modular Design for Transfers
  • Multiple Drive Position Locations using One Joystick Hand Control
  • Easy Plug'N'Play Installation
  • Independently Adjustable Pressure Relieving Gel Pads
  • Attendant Control without Expanding the Electronics
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