Superior Midline Positioning

The ReJoy 360° offers superior midline positioning for joysticks and alternate drive controls pre-assembled in the modular Central Drive System. The dual-ball RAM mount swivels 360° around a 3 1/2" arc so the powerchair input device and gel pad support platform can be positioned exactly where it provides maximum performance and postural benefits.

Product Features

  • Multiple 360° Adjustments without Tools
  • Plug-Free Modular Design Facilitates Transfers
  • Pressure Relieving ReJoy Gel Pad Platform Supports Upper Extremities
  • Reduces Fatigue, Pain, and Discomfort from Accessing Armrest Mounted Controls
  • Enhances Seating and Positioning Products by Promoting Postural Balance
  • Compatible with Stealth, Switch-It, Rnet, Dynamic and Q-Logic Controls
  • Available as a Kit to Re-position Armrest Mounted Joysticks
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