Get a Handle on Re-Charging

The ReCharge+ is for use on power wheelchairs and scooters. It comes with the receiver socket that connects directly to the charge port of a mobility vehicle and can be mounted on the seat or other locations convenient to the user. Once mounted, the mobility vehicle's off board charger cord attaches to the oversized charging handle, so that the user simply has to drop-in the handle to the receiving socket to charge the mobility vehicle's batteries.

The ReCharge+ allows the mobility vehicle user to make the charger connection easier, which specifically benefits users with arthritis, vision, or motor function difficulties.

The ReCharge+ interfaces with any mobility vehicle (scooter or powerchair) that has a XLR (3 pin) charging port. The socket comes with a 36 inch long cord that is capable to reach most any place where the charge port resides on the vehicle.

Product Features

  • Works on any scooter or power wheelchair with an off-board charger
  • Effortless Drop-in Connection
  • Gold plated connection pins are rugged and reliable
  • Never struggle to recharge your vehicle again
  • Locate the charge socket where you want it
  • Easy one time installation
  • Simply recharge your batteries
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Insert the ReCharge
One Time Connection
Insert In Socket
Simply Drop-In to Charge
Charger not included
Remove Clasp
Insert XLR Plug
Install Wire and Re-Insert Clasp
One Time Assembly Complete