Oversized Charging Adaptor

For initial use, simply connect the three pin plug of your power wheelchair charger into the three pin port of the ReCharge adaptor. Thereafter, to charge the power wheelchair, just insert the ReCharge adaptor into any Central Drive socket.

No more bending and squinting, trying to line up the off-set 3 pin plug in the same position as the receiving charge port’s receptacle. The ReCharge adaptor and the powerchair’s battery charger can be left plugged in to the household outlet while not in use so it’s always ready to drop in a socket.

When sold as an accessory with the Central Drive System, the Recharge does not include an additional socket. The Recharge connects with a powerchair's existing charger.

Product Features

  • Easy-to-use charging accessory for a Central Drive System
  • Effortless Drop-in Connection
  • Interfaces with any Central Drive System socket
  • Gold plated connection pins are rugged and reliable
  • Easy to install the power wheelchair charger to the oversized handle and mast
  • Never struggle to put your vehicle on charge again
  • Particularly benefits those who struggle with sight problems, balance or dexterity control
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ReCharge From Any Socket
One Time Connection
Insert In Socket
Keep the ReCharge Plugged in and Ready to Charge
Simply Drop the Handle in the Socket
Remove Clasp
Insert XLR Plug
Install Wire and Re-Insert Clasp
One Time Assembly Complete