Masts Types

The Central Drive System allows secure placement of a drive control nearly anywhere on a power wheelchair with our modular mast and socket system.

Spring loaded, gold plated pins extend from the bottom of the Central Drive System's mast which makes a secure electrical connection with the gold plated targets located at the bottom of the socket

The main components of the Central Drive System are the Mast (which is integrated with the drive control and mounting platform), Sockets, Brackets, and Harnesses

Product Features

  • Dual input operation
  • Reduces Fatigue, Pain and Discomfort from Accessing Armrest Mounted Controls
  • Modular Design for Transfers
  • Multiple Drive Position Locations using Central Drive System
  • Easy Plug'N'Play Installation
  • Scooter Style digital steering
  • Operated with gross motor muscles, as opposed to the fine motor muscles required for joystick controls
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