Head Array Mount

Active Controls Rehab Solutions allows an installation of any head array in a matter of minutes. Installed using the modular sockets of the Active Controls Rehab Solutions product line, a head array can now be dropped in and out of the socket for easier calibrations and quick adjustments.

Switch It head arrays have the versatility to utilize 3, 4 or 5 proximity switches, with the option to embed the sensors in the long, short, flat, or curved head pads. Additional offset facial pads, proximity switches, and other options for custom placement give the client the access to the switches they need.

Stealth’s iDrive Head Control System can easily be configured to meet any client's needs, as well as personalizing it to the client with customized fabric options. With Stealth's tried and true head positioning technology, the client's head and neck can easily be supported and kept upright while driving.

Product Features

  • Modular Design for Transfers and Patient Transport
  • Easy Plug'N'Play Installation in a Matter of Minutes, not Hours
  • Less Calibrations and Quicker Adjustments
  • Available for the Stealth iDrive
  • Available for Switch-It’s Head Arrays
  • Available for ASL Head Arrays
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Front View
Socket Pins
Easy Removal
Rear View