Position Joystick in Every Client’s Natural Hand Position

Because of the multiple benefits of customized joystick positioning for every PWC user, every PWC client deserves the opportunity to drive at a central location, not just those who have difficulty driving in the armrest location.

Custom positioning of the joystick optimizes the Power Wheelchair (PWC) user’s:

  • Operational performance
  • Long term comfort
  • Safety
  • Driving confidence
  • Satisfaction with their PWC.

The ErgoReJoy system includes a step-by-step assessment methodology which yields the documentation for submission of third-party payor claims. A full assessment of the client’s driving abilities and postural positioning takes approximately 20 minutes. No tools are required to position and lock the joystick and JoyPad ergonomic wrist support in place.

Medical and Functional Benefits of Joystick Positioning

  • Improves hip and shoulder symmetry
  • Upright upper body positioning helps improve respiratory capacity
  • Helps prevent pressure ulcers and muscular skeletal syndromes due to improved posture
  • Maximizes the function of seating products
  • Helps reduce fatigue and shoulder/back muscle pain by offloading weight of the upper extremity with the JoyPad forearm support
Forms For Results Clinical Sample LMN Ergonomics Intro Offer Assessment Tips Installation Methodology
Easily Reposition Joystick Anywhere
Modular Design
Insert In Socket
Either Armrest
Easy to Position at Midline
Comfortable Arm Support Pad