Proportional Chin Controls

Active Controls' unique chin control mounting system provides proportional driving without head movement. Available with Switch-It's MicroPilot and MicroGuide and compatible with ASL's mini-proportional joysticks, drivers can operate it with their chin, lip or tongue. The optional FDA approved silicone ball can be used by the tongue and spring-loaded to provide protection for the drive control and driver.

Seatback-mounted chin controls have a 'diving board' effect on driving, require frequent maitenance to retain drive position, interfere with peripheral vision and are prone to damage during trasnfers and transport. Conversely, this proportional chin control mounting system is fully adjustable, robust, and removable.

Product Features

  • Provides Proportional Control by Chin, Lip or Tongue
  • Allows Driver to Veer and Turn Smoothly while Varying Speed of Chair
  • Adjustable Center Drive Mounting System for Exact Positioning
  • Removable Drive Control Provides Protection from Damage During Transfers and Transport
  • Durable and Repeatable Mounting System Provides Caregiver Positioning Cues
  • Silicone Ball Tip Option Protects Control and is FDA Approved for Tongue Use
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Spring-loaded Silicone Ball