Center Drive System

  • Interfaces with Most Power Wheelchairs
  • Easy Plug 'N' Play Installation
  • Powered and Unpowered Sockets available
  • Effortless Drop-in Connection
  • Robust Midline Drive
  • Multiple Socket Locations
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The Center Drive System is a modular mounting system for drive controls and accessories. It can help improve postural positioning for power wheelchair patients. It also enlarges the overall patient population that can benefit from power mobility.

The most utilized components of the Center Drive System are the JoyBar drive control and the ReJoy platform. These components convert a standard powerchair to midline drive. The JoyBar allows a patient to drive a power wheelchair with scooter-style digital steering, and the ReJoy re-positions a power wheelchair’s existing joystick drive control at midline.

The Center Drive System can also be utilized with the many specialty rehab drive controls found in the Active Controls Rehab Solutions product line. The advanced control technologies in this product line are enhanced by the modular, robust mounting provided by the Center Drive System.